Can people fly? With the conception of the opening show for the International German Gymnastics Festival, we questioned the natural law of gravity and let athletes and musicians float into the night sky in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

German Gymnastics Festival Association

Bread and games

brot & salz took on the conception and artistic direction of the 90-minute opening event for the International German Gymnastics Festival on June 03, 2017 in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
In addition to the Rio Olympians around symbolic figure Andreas Toba, the show was opened, among others, by the President of the German Gymnastics Federation Dr. Alfons Hölzl, the Federal Minister of Economics Mrs. Brigitte Zypries and the Senator of the Interior of Berlin Andreas Geisel.

Colors of Passion

“Colors of Passion” – The passion for sport and diversity united all those present – audience and players alike. For the opening of the International German Gymnastics Festival 2017, visitors to the official opening show were told an exciting and emotional story that everyone who loves sports could identify with. A story of dreams, energy, hope, disappointment, friendship, competition and success.

How colorful is that?

In nine scenes we took the audience on a sporting journey full of dynamism and action around the world of gymnastics. We saw the world through the eyes of the protagonist on his way from a child with a dream to a top athlete and fevered, laughed and cried with him. Every athlete knows ups and downs in his career. Thus, new actors, sports and performance artists awaited us in each scene, artistically translating the mood of the respective scene in impressive performances.

Each scene was immersed in its own world of color, which was taken from the colors of the gymnastics festival logo and discharged at the grand finale in a bombastic, interactive explosion of color.

The show, conceived by brot & salz, celebrated the big and small emotions of sport. Its unifying power, its diversity and the passion it awakens in us.

Buntes Logo von dem Internationalen Deutschen Turnfest auf transparentem Hintergrund.

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