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At first they laughed wearily and thought it was just a normal marketing blog. What happened when they scrolled down, however, gave them goose bumps and a benevolent nod of the head and resulted in a subscription to the leading medium "Lektüre".

One picture shows several people standing in the entrance area and reception of a hotel.

Jetlag is for Amateurs - a&o Hostels

The Berlin creative agency brot & salz planned a photo campaign for a&o Hostels. This served as the visual basis for the presentation of the...
One picture shows a person in a glittery suit with a television set over their head and a toast and salt shaker in the background.

Colors of bread & salt

brot & salz GmbH ~ Creative agency from Berlinbrot & salz is an advertising agency for brand communication. Brands have a home, friends, family,...
One picture shows the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples decorated with creative vandalism in pink.

The importance of bread and salt

The giving and sharing of bread and salt has always been a highly symbolic custom in many cultures. The symbolic meaning...
One picture shows a headless man with his head on a silver platter.

The salt in the soup of advertising agencies

brot & salz is an advertising agency from Berlin - a sustainable and creative ideas factory for brand communication. Brands have a home,...
One picture shows a Mercedes Benz banner with pink illustrations.

A concept for Mercedes-Benz

About Mercedes Benz Founded in 1902, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin is Daimler's oldest production site. For over...
One picture shows a bridal couple in front of the Las Vegas sign.

Great love - bread and salt for the wedding

What should I give as a wedding present? There are many traditions surrounding weddings. Some of them are more important to us than others and...
A picture shows a child looking at a loaf of bread for the blog post "Why give bread as a gift"

Why do you give bread and salt?

The gift New apartment, new house, new partner or even a new job - for many people that means moving: Relocation. After...
One picture shows a bag of chips

bread & salt for dyslexics

For all those who always wanted to know how bread & salt should not be spelled:Brot Falsch bot & salz, bro...