Great love - bread and salt for the wedding

What should I give as a wedding present?

There are many traditions surrounding marriage. Some of them are more important to us than others and many are increasingly being forgotten. This includes the custom of giving bread and salt as a wedding gift.


The term "salt covenants" was already used in the Bible.
Salt covenants are covenants that give hope that they will last forever. As we generally transfer this idea to marriage, the custom of presenting bread and salt at a wedding became established.

As already mentioned in the article "Why do you give bread and salt?" bread and salt are symbols of kindness, hospitality, prosperity and togetherness between people.

Bread: The necessities of life
Salt: The spice and preservation of life

However, the wedding custom of giving bread and salt has another background, which dates back to ancient times.
This can be traced back to the mother goddess Demeter from Greek mythology. She was the goddess of agriculture and grain, but also the goddess of fertility. She symbolizes not only the desire never to go hungry, but also the longing for a family of one's own.
So that the bride and groom don't just receive the gifts wordlessly, here's a great wedding saying to make them shine at the next wedding:

My dear wedding couple!

Not with gifts of splendor and high monetary value

I come to you today with concerns,

others have already done that.

What I have to offer you,

Low in price, but a symbol,

is our old father's gift

is bread and salt

I guess it's luck

because bread and salt must be in life

where bread and salt are always in the house

There can be no hardship,

Joy flows in and out.

Bread is the seed of all strength,

it is the earth's greatest good

take here with this symbol's name

life itself into your hat.

The salt, on the other hand, should show you,

that joy is only then effective,

when you are in the colorful circle of life

does not forget the right seasoning.

So in these two symbols,

in bread and salt the picture of life

from which we draw our strength,

from which harmony always springs.

So receive bread and salt

and keep this pledge sacred,

then bloom on all your paths

a carefree marriage.