Raketen-Icon für Marketing in Weiß auf transparentem Hintergrund.
Tuba auf transparentem Hintergrund - Erfolgreiches Marketing durch die Kontaktpunkt-Theorie strategisch, operativ und online entwickeln.


Strike the right cord.

Our very own „Contact-Point Theory“ defines every enterprise’s communication in three steps. They help us to derive the right strategies on the levels of design, texting and behavior, they help us to meet the specific demands of modern brand communications.

We establish the basis for a clear and consistent conveyance of the central message of your enterprise by using all kinds of modern elements of communication. In connection with our „Human-Brand“ approach we create a convincing picture of an authentic brand with personality, vision and purpose.



We create communication that brings your business vision into the world.

Farsighted planning is needed when selecting the relevant channels, steps and impulses. Our strength is our creativity paired with in-depth theoretical knowledge and experience.



The first step is to find a good strategy. But of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

We know from experience what goes down well with the public and what doesn´t. Our concepts are made for reality and not for fine art. Whether on- or off-line, our vibrant strategies are at the beat of time.



Are you really communicating or are you just talking about yourself? Successful online marketing breaks down barriers and creates closeness between brands and consumers.

There is an abundance of media-channels on the internet, each of them with its own language and unwritten rules. Get into contact with your target group and meet them where they feel home.

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The best way, to predict the future is to invent it.