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A new beginning.

With lots of creativity and a sure feeling for brand identity and orchestration we evolve strategies and concepts for efficient brand management.

Be it corporate communication, on- and offline campaigns or classic events – we generate event and brand promotion that hits the bull´s eye. Tabula rasa: We start from the very beginning. A white sheet of paper, a clean whiteboard or a fallow event site, these are play-grounds where we feel at home.



Everything starts with our workshop format: THE CORE. This is where the communicative brand essence is determined. The foundation for identity-based conception and holistic brand development.

The birth of a brand has to create a sensation in the commercial world. Like a strong personality is entering the room – smartly dressed, well-spoken and radiating charisma. Our “Human Brand” approach makes it possible.

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Happenings, festivals or experientials. The brand experience is only as good as the individual consideration of all consumer touchpoints in live communication.

The common thread. Often talked about, but rarely spun. Event concepts must be well-conceived with a deep understanding of dramaturgy, and a profound knowledge of inscenatory language, technological feasibilities and media integration. In this way an event creates vivid memories and pictures that go around the world.



Sell the lifestyle. The product is available for free. Campaigns have to breathe the zeitgeist in the short term in order to be rewarded with relevance in the long term.

One of the most important tools of long-term brand positioning is the target oriented communication of the brand, covering several stages over a certain period of time. This is the time when the credibility of a brand´s message is put to the test.

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Always be the needle
and never the haystack.