Why do you give bread and salt?

The gift

A new apartment, a new house, a new partner or even a new job - for many people that means moving: Moving house. After everything has found its rightful place in the new home, helpers, friends and neighbors are invited ("Yeayy housewarming party") and one of the guests is sure to have it with them: bread and salt.  
But what exactly should we be happy about with this gift?

To move in

The tradition of giving bread and salt dates back to the Middle Ages. At that time, salt was as valuable as gold and bread was the most important food in every household; because if you had bread, you were not only full, but also happy.
The two foodstuffs were not only essential, but were also always available to unannounced visitors for refreshment.

The giving of bread and salt is in any case to be understood as a good wish for well-being.
The gift of bread and salt stands for sedentariness, prosperity and community in the spirit of the recipient. The two foods are also said to provide protection from evil spells, curses and the devil himself. So today, this traditional gift stands for a positive future in the new home.

I wanted to say something else... - The 10 best sayings for moving in

Traditionally, the two gifts are usually presented together with a saying.

If you can't think of any, we've put together a few for you here. 

  1. We wish you all the best for your new home,
    that you are happy and content.
    When you moved in here
    we have two gifts ready:
    The bread, it never runs out,
    and salt, that spices up every feast,
    as long as you are here
    and share your bread with good friends.
    As long as you have salt and bread
    stay away from you all distress.
    Friedrich Rückert
  2. Once happiness arrives, it easily takes hold.
    Gottfried Keller
  3. Home is a name, a word, but a powerful one, stronger than any spell ever cast by a magician.
    Charles Dickens
  4. There is room in the smallest hut for a happily loving couple.
    Friedrich Schiller
  5. Your own stove is worth its weight in gold, Even if it's poor, it still keeps you warm.
    Johann Nepomuk Vogl
  6. And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of the beginning.
    Master Eckhart
  7. Stone and mortar build a house, spirit and love decorate it.
    German proverb
  8. If you want to know what your neighbor thinks of you, start an argument with him.
    African proverb
  9. A welcome and kind words are never lacking in the home of a good person.
    Indian proverb
  10. Breaking the merry sunshine
    with the door into the house,
    all the parlors sat so bright as spring;
    an angel on the threshold of the house
    hem with its splendor
    Yard, garden, field and trees
    and the sun goes out in the evening,
    he leads the weary mildly home.
    Joseph von Eichendorff