A concept for Mercedes-Benz

About Mercedes Benz

Founded in 1902, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin is Daimler's oldest production site. Work on the future of the Group has been going on here every day for over a hundred years. The process of digitalization, innovation and the development of new working methods is initiated by the plant management. In this way, it is actively shaping the future of the plant, the Group and the automotive world on site.

"Our work in a new light"

The 2017 Family Day at the Mercedes-Benz Marienfelde plant offered a comprehensive family experience. 
The motto of the family festival was "Unser Werk in neuem Licht". It was implemented with light installations, catering and a family-friendly, interactive concept. In addition to music and performances, an extensive installation was created to honor the work and promote the identity of the employees. This made the Mercedes-Benz Family Day an emotional experience for both the team and their companions.

brot & salz presented a 360° staging of a journey through the past and future of the plant. The center of the journey through time was the stage on the central fairground. This was framed by both the old and the new production hall of the Mercedes-Benz plant. The concept and design by brot & salz created an evening in which history, present and future could be felt at the same time.
The dynamic tension between tradition and innovation became the leitmotif of the design. The logo visual represented the connecting element and managed to open up a view of both the past and the future of the plant - as a high-tech location. Visitors became time travelers in words and images via all means of communication and contact points in the run-up to the event. On the day of the event itself, the map and route guidance system led them via time portals into various worlds of experience.
The focal point of the journey through time was the "time machine" on the central fairground. This was located exactly between the two worlds and allowed employees and their families to walk between the times for a day.

"One generation builds the road on which the next drives."