True poetry - bread and salt in words

Bread and salt have occupied mankind for a long time. Bread tastes good and fills you up, salt preserves and seasons our food. Both are fundamentally important and it is hard to imagine our daily lives without them. This may be one reason why idioms, proverbs and poems about bread and salt have been created all over the world. Here are a few selected examples:

People don't need freedom, they need bread.

- Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

In a pinch, the sausage also tastes good without bread.

- Proverb

The bread of the others has seven crusts.

- From Switzerland

"Mum, Mum, I don't like my bread anymore!"
"My boy, eat your bread so that you grow big and strong!"
"Why should I grow big and strong?"
"So that you can do some proper work."
"What am I supposed to learn something proper for?"
"So that you can earn your own bread."
"But I don't like bread!"

- Calendar saying

"And the world seems barren and empty to you,
and the days are rough and heavy,
Be still and be mindful of change:
A lot of bread grows in the winter night."

- Friedrich Wilhelm Weber

If there is no cake, the bread tastes good too.

- From Hungary

Better half a loaf than no bread at all.

- From England

Better too much bread than too little wine.

- From Brazil

Man does not live by bread alone.
It can also be a little butter.

- Ulrich Erckenbrecht 

Bread for the world, but the sausage stays here!

- Unknown

It's the bread that keeps you warm, not the fur.

- From Russia

Eating bread is not an art, but baking bread is.

- German proverb

Crumbs are also bread.

- German proverb

Friendship is the salt of life.

- German proverb

We are the salt in the chocolate soup.

- Dr. phil. Michael Richter 

Salt and bread
makes cheeks red.

- German proverb

Contentment is the salt in the soup of the happy.

- Ernst Ferstl 

Imagination is the salt in the soup of reason.

- Karl Kraus 

Old goat also likes to lick salt.

- German proverb

On the table of morals, meekness is the salt.

- From Persia

Everyone wants to be the salt and no one wants to be the soup.

- Dr. phil. Michael Richter 

Bread with salt will soothe a growling stomach.

- Horace (65 - 8 BC)

From the emperor to the beggar 
no one can do without salt. 
He doesn't bake bread without salt, 
without salt we would suffer hardship. 
God, you too give with a kind hand 
a grain of salt in the mind.

- Popular goods

Words are like salt; it's the quantity that counts.

- Ernst R. Hauschka

Perfection is the salt in the soup.
Too much makes them inedible.

- Stefan Fleischer 

The mind makes poetry as little as salt makes food, but it belongs to poetry as salt belongs to food.

- Friedrich Hebbel