This path will not be an easy one. The transformation from a penniless mathematician to a highly esteemed senior teacher at StEPS, the study center for all teacher trainees in Berlin, requires blood, sweat and tears. But the light at the end of the tunnel shines brightly, and as we all know, even the longest journey begins with a single step.

Berlin Senate

Take the next step

In September 2016, the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science’s in-service training moved to a central location in the heart of Berlin. In the future, continuing education measures for teachers, educators, and in-service studies for lateral entrants into the Berlin school teaching profession will be conducted at this location.
For the opening of the study center, the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science commissioned brot & salz to find a catchy name and a distinctive logo. After successful implementation, the dramaturgical staging and documentation of the grand opening was placed in our hands.

Level up. Take the next step

The acronym StEPS stands for Study Center for Education, Pedagogy and School. The triad of disciplines offered in education, pedagogy and schooling represents the content orientation of the new study center in its entirety. Short, self-explanatory and comprehensive, StEPS reflects the professionalism, teaching, but also the school profile, staff development at the school and continuing education in these sub-disciplines.

Steps Logo in der Farbe Rot, sowie der Slogan dazu.

The journey is the reward

Step by step, the trainees in StEPS achieve career advancement through the newly acquired competence. A step towards their goal. A step towards the next level.
A stair step (also step or tread) is the single rising element of a staircase. A stair step is used to easily overcome differences in height. The formal language of the logo frame abstracts this gradient. The cursive font of the StEPS logotype sets the direction, expresses dynamics and initiates the process of climbing.

Ein Foto für StEPS: Abgebildet sind drei Werbeplakate mit verschiedenen Slogans für die Veranstaltung.

“We meet at StEPS”.

It has been shown that the brevity of the name is extremely catchy and rolls off the tongue easily: “I’m doing my continuing education at StEPS” or “Let’s meet at StEPS later” are phrases that continuing education students have quickly internalized and enjoy saying in their daily lives.
The name StEPS expresses what the center’s target group expects: Modernity and a professional educational offer.

Even the longest way
begins with a first step

In the communication leading up to the opening of the StEPS, the name of the study center was deliberately withheld.
On the day of the opening ceremony, the name and the orientation of the center were announced live in front of press and media representatives by the Senator for Education, Youth and Science, Sandra Scheeres (SPD), and could be experienced in the individual sections of the study center through different spatial, sound and lighting concepts.

Rotes Berlin-Tag Logo mit Beschreibung auf transparentem Hintergrund.

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