Even during a nice walk in the park, a cruel psycho killer can already be waiting behind the next spruce tree. Die-hard fans of Sebstian Fitzek know this and experience this nerve-wracking journey on his new website. We dive in the horror lift into the deepest abysses of the human psyche with Germany’s most successful author!

Sebastian Fitzek
Mood-Bild für die Referenz Sebastian Fitzek: Zu sehen ist eine ominöse Landschaft in verschiedenen Schattierungen der Marken-Farben Rot und Schwarz mit dem weißen Schriftzug "Deine Reise beginnt jetzt" im Vordergrund.

Who dares to jump in?

Together with Sebastian Fitzek, we asked ourselves how we could translate the suspenseful plots of his novels and the fascination with evil into a playful website experience that sends shivers down the spine of his fans. The answer is a graphic elevator ride that takes us deeper and deeper into the dark world of psychothrillers.

Logo von Sebastian Fitzek: Abgebildet ist eine rustikale Schrift in der Farbe Schwarz auf transparentem Hintergrund. Zu lesen ist der Name des Schriftstellers.

The whole world of Sebastian Fitzek

The ride in the horror elevator takes Fitzek fans into the depths and reveals another piece of the puzzle on each level, allowing you to get to know the star author and his work better. Little by little, the impressive totality of his work is revealed in eerie settings.

Mockups zu der Referenz Sebastian Fitzek: Zu sehen ist seine Website auf verschiedenen Endgeräten (Laptop und Handy).

Your appointment with evil

Sebastian Fitzek can not only be read but also experienced live. These special moments are absolute highlights for all fans. That’s why you don’t have to drive long into the abyss to discover all the news about the latest releases and current dates with the psychothriller pope.

The cruel world of books

Each of Sebastian Fitzek’s books transports his readers into a world of suspense, fear and horror. These worlds have been transferred to individual pages where you can find all the details about the novels, their film adaptations and further information at a glance.

Mockup von verschiedenen Büchern des Schriftstellers Sebastian Fitzek.
Foto von Sebastian Fitzek mit Namen, Schmuckelementen und auf transparentem Hintergrund.
Mockup von verschiedenen Verfilmungen des Schriftstellers Sebastian Fitzek.

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