brot & salz conceptualized and designed a time travel through the history of the company under the motto “Our plant in a new light”. Employees and colleagues experienced the very first Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin-Marienfelde, founded in 1902, in a new light.


Our plant in a new light

Founded in 1902, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin is Daimler’s oldest production site. Here, work on the future of the Group has been carried out on a daily basis for over a hundred years. The process of digitalization, innovation and development of new working methods initiated by the plant management is actively shaping the future of the plant, the Group and the automotive world here on site.

In a 360° staging, brot & salz therefore celebrated the past and the future of the plant in a journey through time – at the center the “time machine”, the central fairground with the main stage with two large screens on each side, framed by the old production hall on the right and the new one on the left. The theme “Our plant in a new light” was implemented by elaborate light installations and shows as well as a coherent catering and interaction concept in all subareas of the plant and brought together and emotionally experienced on the central fairground. tation in numerous communication materials and on a&o’s website.

When past and future
merge in design

The dynamic tension between tradition and innovation became the leitmotif of the design. Thus, the logo visual as a connecting element managed to open the view into the past as well as into the future of the plant as a high-tech location.
Visitors became time travelers in words and images through all communication media and contact points in the run-up to the event. On the day of the event itself, the map and the wayfinding system led them through time portals at the hall entrances adjacent to the central fairgrounds into various worlds of experience.

The linchpin of the time travel was the “time machine” at the central fairground, which was located exactly between the two worlds and allowed employees and their families to walk between times for a day.

“One generation builds the road,
on which the next travels.”

Experiencing the Family Day 2017 meant feeling history, present and future at the same moment! Playfully, the visitors experienced a time travel through the history of the production site.

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