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On “Die Meile” (german for “the mile”), freedom must be boundless. After all, what is more liberating than collectively jumping over the inhibition threshold with hundreds of thousands of like-minded people when Mario Götze sends the Argentines home with a silver medal?

Wohlthat Entertainment GmbH / K.I.T. Group GmbH

Fanmeile Berlin.
(Fan Mile Berlin)

Fanmeile is over 1.8 kilometers long and 40 meters wide. The area of 72,000 square meters corresponds to the size of 14 soccer fields. 11 large screens – the largest with about 60 square meters directly in front of the Brandenburg Gate – on the Straße des 17. Juni ensured in 2006 that the term Public Viewing established itself from then on in German usage and Fanmeile became synonymous with exuberant and peaceful sporting events. Fanmeile Berlin went from being a summer fairy tale to a world championship mile and is nowadays the Mecca of all soccer fans in Germany. The starting signal was the “summer fairy tale” – the five-week World Cup 2006 in Germany. The whole world watched a celebrating Berlin and 12 years later celebrated “Die Mannschaft” at the World Champions’ Fanmeile 2014.

brot & salz accompanied Fanmeile Berlin for World Cup 2014, European Championship 2016 and the World Cup 2018 with photo and video production as well as interview and press formats.

Schwarzes Logo von die Meile auf transparentem Hintergrund.
Menschenmasse mit Deutschland-Flaggen beim Event "Die Meile" zur Fußball-Meisterschaft.

Coca Cola
Fandusche (fan shower)
for World Cup 2014.

At the World Cup Fanmeile 2014 at the Brandenburg Gate, this special production was the absolute eye-catcher! Soccer fans were colorfully sprayed in the course of this unforgettable soccer experience and became black-red-gold “super fans” thanks to the Fandusche.

In two shower lines, every 30 seconds a fan could be dyed in the national colors by means of a digitally controlled fine spray system and show his colors from head to toe!

Rote Coca-Cola Fandusche für das Event

“Your passion. Your love.
Your moment. Your colors.”

Schwarzes Logo von die Meile auf transparentem Hintergrund.