For Botanische Nacht (Botanical Night), the Botanical Garden Berlin, one of the most beautiful places in the capital, is transformed into the dreamlike fantasy world of Botania. On about 43 hectares, visitors can expect a varied program surrounded by diversely illuminated plants and greenhouses.

Botanische Nacht

Botanische Nacht
in the Botanical Garden Berlin

brot & salz created the fantastic cosmos Botania, which tells stories of the interplay between man and nature in seven thematically delimited, magical worlds of nature. In exciting fictional stagings, the different worlds were given their very own identity of light, sound and program and left the visitors dreaming.

Feuershow bei der Botanischen Nacht bei Nacht.

Imaginative design

Every year, Botanische Nacht is given a colorful memorable photo motif to match the event’s motto, which can be found on the program flyer, admission tickets and numerous large-scale posters in prominent locations throughout Berlin.

High reach through social media

brot & salz designs the Instagram and Facebook presence of Botanische Nacht by reaching potential visitors and increasing ticket sales through information about the event, reviews, competitions and target-group-specific ad management.

Mockup von einem Flyer für die Botanische Nacht 2019 auf weißem Hintergrund.

Documentation of the highlights

During the event, a photo and video team will accompany the action and capture the best moments of Botanische Nacht. A selection of the best photos and videos are shared on social media and receive many positive reactions.

A journey through the magical
world of nature begins…

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