Weißes Logo (Wort-Bildmarke) der Berliner Sparkasse auf transparentem Hintergrund.

What do a horse at Alexanderplatz, a lady in a Mafia back room, a party crasher at an exquisite dinner party and hungry sharks in a swimming pool have in common? The Berliner Sparkasse commissioned brot & salz to translate the product worlds of insurance, real estate and personal loans into campaign motifs.

Berliner Sparkasse

Berliners live fearlessly and courageously!

The insurance policies of Berliner Sparkasse assure that we are safely insured. Of course, something can always happen, but we fall softly into the lap of household contents, liability or legal expenses insurance. This freedom from worry gives insured persons the opportunity to live a carefree and courageous life.

In cooperation with photographer Thomas Beyerlein, brot & salz staged moving, emotional images full of dynamics that did justice to the flexible insurance models of Berliner Sparkasse. The campaign impressively freezes the second before something happens. Recipients are powerfully sucked into the staging, feel along with it and can think the outcome of the motif through to the end themselves.

Don’t panic on the Titanic!

Your life is a sea of possibilities. Your insurance is your lifeline. Protect yourself and dive into every adventure without a care in the world. With or without seahorses – your accident insurance will cover you when the water is up to your neck. Shark Five!

Young, wild and secure.

No risk no fun. Everybody loves high-flyers! If your world sometimes turns upside down, we have the right insurance to catch you. Go your own way and let your soul dangle with the liability insurance of Berliner Sparkasse.

Panic? Fiddlesticks.

Unexpected often comes. Even at the hottest party. Protect what is dear to you and be on fire for the important things in life. If things do get hot, Berliner Sparkasse’s household insurance will put out the fire.

Daniela against Goliath.

Afraid? The others are. The legal protection insurance of Berliner Sparkasse is a real powerhouse when it comes to the crunch.
Stand up for yourself, protect yourself and fight for your rights. A legal showdown? With your legal protection insurance, you can handle it with ease.

Real estate.

When you buy your own property, you acquire more than just a building with walls and doors. On the one hand, you create a place of security and protection for yourself and your family. Above all, however, you acquire the freedom to live as you want.

Weißes Logo (Wort-Bildmarke) der Berliner Sparkasse auf transparentem Hintergrund.
Fotomontage einer Familie, die in ihrem Wohnzimmer an der Decke hängt. Werbekampagne für Immobilien der Berliner Sparkasse.

Four walls that mean the world.

This feeling of freedom and security is reflected in the new values of our time. Instead of my house, my boat, my car, what counts today is my life, my rules, my home.

This feeling of absolute freedom and self-realization was visualized in the BSK Immobilien campaign. We experience people and families who have created unusual living situations in their four walls that go beyond the norm and mean the world to them.

Rotes Logo (Wort-Bildmarke) der Berliner Sparkasse auf transparentem Hintergrund.
Fotomontage eines Mannes, der mit seinem weißen Pferd an einer Ampel steht und von Passanten angeschaut wird. Werbekampagne zum Alles-Ist-Möglich-Kredit der Berliner Sparkasse.

Mockup von einem Macbook mit der Webseite der Berliner Sparkasse auf transparentem Hintergrund.

Berlin, the city of unlimited opportunities.

For Berliner Sparkasse’s S-Privatkredit, we asked:
If everything is possible, what would you do?
Probably ride in on Alexanderplatz with a horse! A not so unusual picture in Berlin. But passers-by still made eyes during the photo shoot with photographer Thomas Beyerlein. No matter what you have in mind. The Sparkasse has the right loan for you. Fulfilling wishes is easy with the Everything-Is-Possible loan from Berliner Sparkasse.

Rotes Logo (Wort-Bildmarke) der Berliner Sparkasse auf transparentem Hintergrund.