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Public Relations

Efficient Public Relations.

It is absolutely essential to influence the public perception of your business through efficient public relations. This will ensure a long-term and successful market positioning.

Don´t leave it to chance how and when your brand is reported on. Because if the public thinks you’ve got a problem, well, you’ve got a problem. If, however, you are able to convey your success to your target group, then you are bound to get a multiplying effect with a positive influence on your core business, customer loyalty and staff satisfaction.



If you want to communicate effectively and sustainably in media and public relations, you should have the following answers ready: What do I tell someone, in what context and style?

Efficient public relations must be relevant in content and have a strategic and precise timing. Your PR strategy should go hand in hand with your corporate vision so that you are able to set the right impulse at the right time to give your brand a strong voice.

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As event specialists we have access to a powerful network to position your event right at the heart of the media landscape

We invite relevant media, organize press conferences and carry out the accreditation process. During the event we are the competent contact for media representatives and reporters and put your brand in the best light.



Effective public relations texting separates the wheat from the chaff. It quickly becomes clear who really communicates with people and who just likes to talk about himself.

The pool of B2B and B2C press channels relevant to your business contains very different types of media. Each of them has its own orientation, target group and a specific way to address its customers. We find the right words to successfully imprint your message in the memory of your audience. Speak clearly with brot & salz!

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If you want to talk to people,
you have to speak their language.