The salt in the soup of advertising agencies

brot & salz is an advertising agency from Berlin - a sustainable and creative ideas factory for brand communication. Brands have a home, friends, family, dreams, an attitude to life, a way of speaking and acting. In short: an identity. As an advertising agency, we sit down with brands and develop the right communication strategy to convey this identity authentically and clearly to the outside world. To this end, the advertising agency brot & salz developed the "people-brand" approach, which sees brands as personalities in a social environment.
brot & salz focuses in particular on consulting services in the field of marketing, the sum of all measures for the development and marketing of products and media (including social media, of course, because we love social media) as well as the planning, design, conception and realization of advertising measures of all kinds. However, as a creative agency, brot & salz can do more: corporate communications, PR and design are further services that the company offers in order to provide its customers with an all-round carefree marketing package.

As a creative agency, creativity is our way of life and the constant hunt for new ways of communicating with the times determines our everyday life and our portfolio. Brands are put on a strong footing and passionately accompanied as they enter new markets. While each project presents new challenges, brot & salz always remains true to itself with a distinctive graphic style and straightforward textual expression.

brot & salz - Whoever has it has no worries!

The bread, it never runs out,

and salt, that spices up every feast,

as long as you are here

and share your bread with good friends.

As long as you have salt and bread

stay away from you all distress.

- Friedrich Rückert