The Meisterplatte - Online Marketing

The concept of online Marketing encompasses all sales and marketing measures that are carried out with the help of the internet. This includes online advertising, the online product range, video marketing, but also the evaluation of customer data in order to recognize customer wishes more quickly and to be able to act in a customer-oriented manner.
The basic principle of online marketing or online advertising is the networking of measures and offers.
The advantage of online marketing over traditional marketing is the more precise and timely evaluation of customer purchasing behavior.

Your page
The website is the linchpin of online marketing. Among other things, it serves to positively present a company to the relevant target group.
The main focus of the company's own website is the company's services, more detailed information for a better understanding of the individual services, the presentation or documentation of business successes, the contact persons of various business areas and the latest news from the company.
Websites can also serve as a distribution network. Product manufacturers can, for example, draw attention to retailers or provide other retailers with data materials to improve the sales of online stores or partner sites.
The use of your own sales platforms or entries in search engines are part of the online marketing sales strategy. But so-called microsites are also part of this. Microsites address specific customer groups with in-depth or exclusive information in order to increase their curiosity and customer interest in the specific service or product.

The spell of advertising
Websites define their success through visitor numbers. Various measures are required to keep traffic and interactions at a high level. Banner advertising in particular is an important means of increasing awareness of the online offering. This is mainly done on the more well-known and large search engines, but social networks are also becoming increasingly important in this context.
The costs for banner advertising are made up of the frequency of the search term entered and the calculated number of clicks.
User tracking and the use of cookies make it possible to display banner ads in a performance- and customer-specific manner in places where the target group is most likely to see them. However, if the potential customer feels annoyed by the banner advertising, it is now possible to suppress it using an adblocker.

Marketing with the search engine
Search engine marketing aims to improve the ranking of the company's own website in the respective search engine.
Correct indexing makes it possible for crawlers to list the website under the desired search term. The content of the website must be of high quality and correct in order for the website to be classified as relevant by search engines.
Links such as banner ads and hyperlinks are another important indicator for increasing relevance and improving rankings.

Emails and marketing
Email marketing is a form of direct marketing. Customers are either automatically or directly added to a newsletter mailing list. Advertising emails are regularly sent to customers to maintain their interest in buying, to draw attention to certain promotions or special offers or simply to trigger a return visit to the website.

Tape It
The continued success of video platforms has made the placement of video advertising particularly interesting for manufacturing companies. Advertisers can thus achieve a strong potential reach in order to effectively distribute their products and offers. Here too, the success of the advertising is measured by the number of clicks and interactions.

Be Social
Using social media platforms is an absolute must-have tool in an integrated advertising strategy. Profiles or pages are created on which customers can express their interest in the company, product or service through a friend request or a like. Transparency and accessibility are also very important: Customers also have the opportunity to use this tool to ask direct questions to the provider or to comment on services, products or the company itself. Depending on the user data or interests, the platforms of the social media channels display specific and precisely tailored advertising banners with new offers on the user interface. Brand advertising or the promotion of products in particular can lead to great success through intelligent, resource-efficient ad management.