The importance of bread and salt

The giving and sharing of bread and salt has always been a highly symbolic custom in many cultures. The symbolic meaning of bread and salt is that the recipient of these gifts should be well and lack nothing. The two basic foodstuffs are also seen as a sign of togetherness between people or as a symbol of kindness and hospitality.

From a historical perspective, bread has not only been a simple food since time immemorial, but was also regarded and valued above all as a source of energy and strength. Even in ancient Greece, it was believed that the Earth Mother herself taught people how to bake bread. Salt was not always just a spice either, but had a far more important function. Salt was valued above all for its preservative and anti-decay properties. In addition, salt was long considered a precious commodity that was traded in a way comparable to today's precious stones. Bread and salt were also regarded as a means of warding off evil influences such as ghosts, witches or even the devil himself.
The meaning of bread and salt thus forms a verbal mirror to our creative agency.

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