Design is attitude - Design Defined

The term "Design", literally means "Design" or "shaping".

The term "design" plays a particularly important role in marketing. In terms of emotional customer loyalty, products must not only impress with their ease of use or high-quality workmanship, but also shine with their appealing and aesthetic design.
It is not only products that are increasingly being designed, but also services. The Graphic design, Communication design (advertising design) or also the Corporate Design (visual brand presence) more emphasis.

Explanation of terms

Graphic design: The graphic design of two-dimensional surfaces (both material and virtual) by means of image, material, color and typography.

Communication design: Communication design conveys communicative content visually (classic advertising material or corporate design). This type of design includes: Photography, typography, illustration, layout, text, animation, multimedia and web design.

Corporate Design: Corporate design is the visual appearance of a company. Formal design constants should give the company a uniform appearance both internally and externally.